Zuverlässige Trennung von Abfällen und Verwertung von organischen Fraktionen zu Bioenergie
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BTA® Process ? Key Technology in the frame of the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority PFI Waste and Recycling Contract.

With two of the MBT Facilities planned in the frame of above PFI Contract to be designed according to the BTA® Process, BTA International will be one key technology provider in the largest waste PFI project in Europe.

The first facility, actually under construction, is the MSW Manchester Reliance Street AD MBT Plant, which will treat up to 63.000 tons per year of residual waste organic fraction from an existing Dano Drum pre-treatment plant. With approximately one year offset the MSW Manchester Bredbury Parkway MBT Plant (110.000 tons per year residual waste) will be built. The design of the latter incorporates a dry mechanical pre-treatment to obtain a fine organic fraction, a RDF fraction and recyclable metals fraction. The organic fraction is then treated by a wet pre-treatment stage followed by anaerobic digestion based on the BTA® Process.

Our licensee Enpure Ltd. has been awarded a respective contract by Costain Ltd., the EPC to Viridor Laing (Greater Manchester) Ltd., as part of the GMWDA PFI Contract.  BTA acts as technology and process provider, supplying engineering services as well as the key components for the hydromechanical pre-treatment and the anaerobic digestion.

With the huge interest this PFI contract has raised, these two plants will be light-house references which certainly will trigger other similar projects especially in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Please see also the Web-Page from the GWMDA for further information.