Zuverlässige Trennung von Abfällen und Verwertung von organischen Fraktionen zu Bioenergie
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New Order for an Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Zell am See, Austria

This biogas plant, supported by local funds, will treat 18.000 tons per year of residues from the region, widely biowaste from households, food residues, sewage sludge and commercial residues.

High requirements to the reception, pre-treatment and digestion processes are given due to the large substrates variety. Thanks to its high flexibility, its insensibility regarding fluctuations in the waste composition and its high efficiency for the removal of impurities, the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre.treatment is ideal for this type of applications. Such flexibility is the key for a successful operation of such a anaerobic digestion plant on the long term. The more than 25 years of experience of the company in the design, build and start-up of more than 40 plants world-wide guarantees the efficiency in the cleaning of the organic suspension and a high operational reliability for the following digestion step.

So far the Client has been treating the biowaste together with the Municipal Solid Waste in the neighbouring MBT Zemka. The BTA Technology does not only allows the energetic valorization of the biowaste but also of additional waste streams which due to the higher water content could not be treated so far in the MBT plant.

With the help of the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment the impurities are efficiently removed from the 18.000 tons per year of biogenic residues, obtaining a cleaned organic suspension that can be transformed to the climate-friendly biogas in the anaerobic digestion step.

The digestate will be dewatered. The solid phase will be stabilized in the MBT Zemka while the liquid phase is widely used for the mashing the waste and for rinsing purposes. The excess water is pre-treated in an internal water treatment plant before it is discharged to the WWTP Zell am See.

A particular attention has been paid during the design of the plant to the optimal integration in the existing facilities at site. The Client, ZEMKA, treats the residues from 70 municipalities from Pinzgau, Pongau and Lungau area as well as direct deliverers. The SALZBURG AG is responsible for selling the biogas.

Approximately 14 GHh biogas energy shall be produced annually, contributing to the climate goals by a saving of approx. 2.682 tons per year CO2. The produced biogas will be used to cover the heat demands of the nearby Tauern Bath.