Zuverlässige Trennung von Abfällen und Verwertung von organischen Fraktionen zu Bioenergie
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BTA® Grit (Sand) Removal System

The BTA® Grit Removal System - preventing your plant from silting up

Sand contained in the waste poses a focal problem to every waste processing and digestion. It causes enormous wear and obstructions in fittings and tubing. Moreover, in all tanks, especially fermenters, it forms sediments that can not be stirred any longer and may grow as solid as concrete. The consequences are high service and maintenance costs as well as lacking operational safety and functionality.

Therefore, ingredients that still may sediment, such as sand, bits of glass, seashells, eggshells, stones, etc., are removed from the organic suspension in a second step of the hydromechanical processing. This takes place within the BTA® Grit Removal System, which basically consists of a storage tank, a hydro-cyclone, a classifying screw, and a grit box.

Grit-enriched sludge is discharged by the hydro-cyclone´s centrifugal forces as underflow into the classifying tube, where it sediments in the grit box below. Simultaneously, the content of organic particles in the grit is reduced by flow water. The degree of separation ranges above 98 %, depending on the parameter settings. The separated impurities are discharged in intervals from the grit box to a classifying screw downstream, where they are cleansed of smallest organic particles as far as possible, dewatered, and collected in a container via a conveyor belt.