Zuverlässige Trennung von Abfällen und Verwertung von organischen Fraktionen zu Bioenergie
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1983/84Foundation of the REA GmbH and the BTA Biotechnische Abfallverwertung GmbH & Co. KG as related enterprises for the development and marketing of waste processing technologies.
1984/86Development of the basic technological concept in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences, Munich.
First application of the BTA® Waste Pulper.
1987-199510 years pilot plant in Munich-Garching for the pre-commercial development of a waste treatment method.
Testing of process technology, materials, wear, and usability. Development of the BTA® Waste Pulper, BTA® Grit Removal System, and the BTA® Control System.
Optimisation as the BTA® Process for miscellaneous wastes from municipal, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sources.
1991First industrial anaerobic digestion plant for biowaste  based on the BTA® Process at Helsingør, Denmark.
Thereafter, further employment of know-how, components, and wet mechanical pre-treatment systems as well as the BTA® Process in various waste digestion plants.
1997-1999International licensees:
- Biotec Sistemi S.r.I. (Italy)
- CCI Canadian Composting Inc. (Northern Amerika)
- Hitachi Zosen Corporation (Japan)
2000First agricultural biogas plant from BTA at Karlshof, Germany
2004Licensee in the U.K./Ireland: Enpure Ltd. (terminated due to the shutdown of Enpure's operations)
2006First contract covering the refurbishment of an existing wet mechanical pre-treatment plant at EcoParc I, Barcelona, Spain.
2007BTA and Agraferm Technologies AG  jointly found the BTA International GmbH to concentrate their long-standing experience. BTA International becomes operative unit of the Agraferm Group for anaerobic waste processing.
Since 2007Further development of the BTA technolgy and new patents. Since then 15 projects have been executed in Europe and North America. 

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