Zuverlässige Trennung von Abfällen und Verwertung von organischen Fraktionen zu Bioenergie
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In every modern society meaningful utilisation of wastes is of major importance:

  1. since wastes are inevitably associated with prosperity and growth,
  2. since wastes have to be disposed of in a hazard-free and environmentally friendly manner,
  3. since wastes bear a valuable resource,
  4. since wastes always accumulate mixted or impure.

At an early stage, BTA had recognised that the separation of  wastes into manageable fractions at highest possible purity and their appropriate treatment are prerequisites for an environmentally compatible handling of residues. Moreover, proper and efficient treatment of wastes also results in economic success.

We feel committed to the task of successfully merging these economic and ecological interests.

Therefore, BTA International has developed the BTA® Process to a pre-commercial stage already in the 1980s. This method ensures removal of all impurities at an early stage, the wet mechanical pre-treatment, and combines this step with operationally safe digestion of the digestible organic fraction. The core of the BTA® Process consists of the wet mechanical pre-treatment by means of the BTA® Waste Pulper and the BTA® Grit Removal System.

Advantages of the BTA® Process

The BTA® Process is characterized by these outstanding benefits: 

  • removal (over 90 %) of all impurities as
    - light materials: plastics, foil, wood, etc. or
    - heavy materials: sand, glass, metal, etc.
  • maximum biogas yield: over 90 % enrichment of the degradable organic fraction in an easily manageable suspension
  • high operational safety, minimum processing costs
  • closed nutrient cycle possible through quality compost
  • decreased need for landfill capacity: < 5 % organic material among heavy and grit fraction
  • cost reduction for the combustion or recycling of plastics or for the synthesis of refuse derived fuels (RDF)
  • no sediments imposing wear on plant components during all processing stages

This being the case, BTA International aims at expanding its leading technological position in the field of waste processing and anaerobic digestion of organic residues, as well as at opening up new markets with our partners.